Sunday, 21 January 2007

Flibertigibknits and Crochets!

It was a special Knitting meetup today at John Lewis in Glasgow. Karen our organiser had asked Carol and Jane from the Haberdashery dept to come along and teach us crochet.
I am now crocheting a scarf, with doubles and trebles all over the place!
There was a great turnout again, and before the crochet lesson Karen has us all pass the parcel with the prizes being some lovely knitted items made by her good self. Being in close proximity to the yarn dept. was just sooo tempting. And yes I did purchase some yarn, but not the one I was eyeing up at the meetup. There was some lovely Rowan Country yarn which I think will make a lovely baby blanket, although it is handwash only . I got more of the yarn I was learning to crochet with (Rowan Little Big Wool) and now it is becoming a scarf! Pictures to follow once I get a new camera - Argos here I come! Poor Elaine couldn't make it today, she was feeling a bit poorly, and the buses on the Southside of Glasgow were being held up due to the demolition of a block of flats at Toryglen (area in Glasgows' Southside). These were the flats made famous in the Sony Bravio adverts, with all the paint flying everywhere. I actually thought the advert was for Crown Paints myself, but thats probably due to the fact when I see paint I think redecoration. Heather, thank you for your comment - my sister went into Glasgow on Thursday and there was NO SNOW! Thankfully it cleared up in time for me to go out to my Flava Knitting group that night, so there is indeed a God and he/she favours knitters!

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heather said...

So will you be sporting a crochet scarf on Sunday then ??? I'm hoping to make it to the Tramway this time ! :0)