Thursday, 18 January 2007

Snow and Rain and stuck on a Train!

I am Exhausted
This morning I travelled in the car for over an hour in the driving, skidding snow. At one point I thought I would have to abandon the car, at another point I thought I would skid off a hill, and another I thought I would crash into the River as the brakes were NO USE. When I got home, Junior and Junior Jnr were happy to play out in the snow and make snowmen or to be precise a Snowman. Still no camera - heres last years Snowman!
I made soup - my all round winterwarming soup
Next I hear my husband (HWWM&S - He who wears Marks and Spencer!) is stuck on a train somewhere outside Manchester. The next I heard the train got into Wigan Northwestern Station.
Could you book me a hotel for tonight ? Somewhere central, easy to get to ?
Apparently his work booked him into somewhere in Preston - good going given that most of the major roads are CLOSED. On the Knitting front - I found a dropped stitch in my Ribbon TWIST card - I've been calling it Ribbon print, numpty that I am. There is nothing for it but to frog it back to the start of the arm shaping. Still the brittany wooden DPNS are great, no slippage at all.

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heather said...

You clearly need to move north to sunny Glasgow - all our snow's gone !