Wednesday, 17 January 2007

The cost of roofs!

I got a quote from the Slater for the storm damage to our roof - OUCH! I know we will be claiming from insurance, but still it does seem rather expensive, however slaters are like gold dust, especially after the stormy weather we've had.
Kathleen - I would be most pleased if you link to my blog.
It is still early days and I am still learning to do things (like link sites!), and I'm not finding the HELP pages easy to follow. Visited K1yarns today to get a set of wooden DPNS and I couldn't resist a couple of balls of Artesano Alpaca in a pale olive green. I think I may do a little matinee coat for my cousins baby with it. I heard on the radio news that today was the funeral of Magnus Magnusson, presenter of Mastermind. His catchphrase
I've started , so I'll finish
will no doubt be etched on his gravestone. I believe he wrote a book on the History of Scotland, among many other things. Today is also the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England, and a public convenience (restroom?)in an Edinburgh restaurant is claiming to be the place where the Treaty was signed (obviously it wasn't a public convenience in 1707!) Magnus Linklater (who I believe is a neighbour of Jean Miles from Jean Knitting) wrote a good piece in the Times today -
there were riots and stonings in Edinburgh, but cheers in London where they thought there would be no more hassles from these unruly Scots.
or word close to that effect , my memory being appalling.

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