Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Its Tea time - and a bit of Dairy Milk

I am quite alone - Daddy and Junior are at a Parent and Son Evening at Anchorboys, Junior Jnr is in BED (fell asleep during Wallace and Gromit and the WereRabbit). So I am quite alone save for a cup of tea (well china Mug, it does hold more), and a bar of Dairy Milk Chocolate. Have just found out that my cousin is pregnant, and even better news she's NOT in a relationship (believe me, the NO relationship is a big bonus). I am very excited as it presents more knitting opportunities, as well as being able to bestow some treasured baby items to her. But I found myself getting distressed when she turned down my cot and asked if she could offer it to a friend - MY BELOVED COT TO A STRANGER! Truth is I get so attached to these things (you did not want to be near me when I gave the Pram to a well deserving charity) , that I feel I can only pass them on to family. So do I sell it on, or do I keep it for my other cousin ?? Mmmmm, we shall see. I have stalled on the Ribbon Print Cardi, which is ridiculous given that it is kntting up so quickly on 12mm needles (fabulous addi turbo's), so I need to pick up those pins again, before I get distracted by knitting beanies. I love knitting beanies, it is such a quick fix, and its my own recipe. In fact I've not knitted one for myself yet, but I will abstain until the Cardi is finished. Here is one that made its way to NY, NY at Christmas time, along with a beautiful little red bag. The beanie is knitted in Lana Grossa Luna purchased from my LYS, and the bag is made with Mobair Mohair hand-dyed/hand spun yarn (purchased at the SECC Hobbycraft exhibition, coming again in March, hooray!). My LYS will be a bit less local, but the owner is only moving to the next town, AND she will be stocking ROWAN (Big Cheer! or in local parlance, ya beauty!) Also on the retail front, good old Marks and Spencer are planning to substantially reduce their carbon footprint over the next five years. I am alone no longer - Daddy and junior have returned!

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