Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Knitting Catch Up

So its been a wee while since I put some knitty pictures up - these ones are just to prove that I am actually knitting and not snoozing in front of the TV.
This is actually the BACK of my Noro sweater in Silver Thaw - the yarn is so lovely and soft and cosy..... I could go on, but its eating into knitting and cooking the dinner time!
And this is the first of my circle socks - I love the heel, the pattern is called Eye of Partridge - its quite cushion-y!
And one of the reasons the knitting is slow, we were all in Edinburgh last week for the mid-term break, or October Holidays as its known locally! And of course we had to go the the Castle (although everyone I told asked, did you not visit the zoo? Zoo ? I live in a zoo why would I want to visit one! Mind you, might have been able to swap my two for a couple of penguins!)
And here is where the Scottish Honours are kept - thats the crown sword and sceptre) Thankfully they were under lock and key , or these two wee rascals might have been away with them!
And of course, we bought some Edinburgh Rock to eat (the sweet kind that is!)
Right , its time to make the salmon fishcakes - tummy's rumbling .

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