Sunday, 12 October 2008

Lots of Birthdays and Spinning!

September/October in our house means lots of Birthdays - firstly there was DS1's !
Wee brother obviously likes to help blow out the candles and also EAT the cake ! Auntie has to assist while mummy take the picture.
Then there was this one - Grandpa's Birthday , lets not mention age though! hehehe!
Both DS1 and 2 need to assist Grandpa to not only blow out the (it plays Happy Birthday musical) candle , but eat the icing, I mean, cake too!
Then there is DH birthday, 40 years young Darling and don't look a day over it either!
Not until we drink the Birthday wine anyway!
And in between all these celebrations, there has been some more spinning - finally finished and plied the Black Rare Breed Wensleydale, I just love this and wish I could have afforded to get more. It was £7 for 100g (ouch!), but it is so gorgeous , I think its love!
This is the Mohair close up , the colours are so lovely , and although there is still a bit of an itch factor, for Mohair it is really soft ! Pity there is only about 40/50g and perhaps 50m - still working out what to do with it.
And here is the Wensleydale (Longwool) roving on the wheel - I'm trying to spin it slightly thicker, but I'm making a mess really. I should just spin it finer and then ply it up thicker - still you live you learn!
Feels fabulous though!
Now , anyone for more Birthday cake - still plenty here!

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tandemsandy said...

oh what a spinner you are. So looking forward to joining the spinning soon. Love the boys how cute they look.