Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Sunshine on Leith

and most of Scotland! There is a cloud threatening but I'm shooing it away. That and the wicked Magpie!
I'm a part time Bird Police Officer/ Egg sitter just now , a blackbird has made a nest in our hedge , and for most of the time is sitting very still like a statue jealously guarding her eggs. Along came a magpie and an almighty fracas ensued , with me helping chase the Magpie away along with mummy blackbird. Last year , Magpie wrecked the nest and the eggs , so hopefully this year we'll get baby blackbirds to maturity !
I love being able to write this blog from the garden , and today I'm wearing sandals , SANDALS! I've had my lunch and dinner out here listening to the calmness , and the occasional safety announcement from the Western Ferry down the road.
As I write , I am surrounded by my summer knitting magazines , trying to decide what to knit with silk , 4 ply cotton and BANANA Fibre (not all together I hasten to add)
I am knitting a lovely little eyelet detail top in 4 ply cotton just now , and have found two little tank patterns for the silk. But BANANA , hhmmm.....
Better go and have another look at my magazines , and check the Blackbird eggs !


TangledFrog said...

Ooooo, banana! I've heard that makes lovely yarn. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to knit with it!

yvette said...

Isn't it lovely to have some sunshine. I hope your Magpie stays away fr4om the nest. Can't wait to see what you are knitting up with those yarns.