Monday, 19 May 2008

Kitchen Korner!

After the garden , the kitchen is my favourite place to blog .
Its not a big kitchen , enough to cook , wash clothes and sit at a table and eat meals, or do the crossword, or Su Doku or blog!
Today Junior jnr and I made iced fairy cakes - Nigella Lawsons they were not , but the boys enjoyed eating them. Junior jnr is more Gordon Ramsay than.... Gordon Ramsay (except that he hasn't acquired the f-word , just the grumpiness ) , cooking in the kitchen with him is quite a vocal experience.
Which brings me to my confession of the day - I LIKE Gordon Ramsay . I like his recipes , I like his craggy features , I like that Geri Haliwell even got him to do Yoga (mans a saint in my books after that!)
Anyway , got that off my chest , on to the knitting , not sure if you remember this , my 4-ply summer top , this is the back!
The front it more or less the same except a bit more is scooped out at the neck. Once knitted there is a crochet edging which will be the big challenge! Mmmm , me and crochet.
And now there is this because you have to start another summer top even though you've not finished the "4-ply one that will take forever , well probably to next summer anyway !" . This one is being knitted in the gorgeous DK Silk given to me for my ... cough... birthday , by the lovely Kathleen .
Not a great picture, but the surprise will be when it is done and being worn (surprise that it will be done in time for holidays!) The pattern is from Interweave Knits Summer 2006 , its knitted in the round with a lace body, and plain yoke . The original pattern was done in Bamboo, but the silk looks soooo much better , don't you think. The lace pattern is not too difficult, but I got mixed up on the second repeat, so its been pulled out a few times. It is lovely to knit with though , and I can't wait to see it finished .
I've got a couple more items cast-on , but these are going to good homes , so more about them later .
Only kidding - here's a wee peek!
Did you spot my Selfish Knitters badge - with Verruca Salt holding all that yarn saying - "Its mine!"


Kathleen said...

My, haven't you been busy?
Glad to see you getting the use of your birthday yarn. x K

Heather said...

My girls are in the kitchen at the moment cooking pancakes on their own ! I'm trying to ignore :0)

Love the silk and the 4 ply top looks sweet. Don't worry about the crochet - it's much easier than you think as I just discovered !