Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Have a Nice Day

I am so far!
Sun is shining , I'm in the garden with my cup of tea and laptop.
Had a lovely day on Sunday too, it was Tramwayknits group, and we all sat out in the (not so) Hidden Gardens enjoying our lunch and knitting....or rather in some cases crocheting!
Heather, Alice and Gloria were using the crochet hook and creating some gorgeous items . Heather was nearly finished her short jacket in a beautiful shade of turquoise silk. Alice was making a short jacket too but this time in black (very brave but there was good daylight!) . Gloria had a large pile of granny squares, all self-coloured but in different pastel shades , and was hoping to make a summer top from them.
One of our group (Patsy I think?) was knitting an elephant , although its shape did cause a few giggles amongst us (shame on us!), while Nan was knitting something for a small person (child? my memory is appalling). Catherine was finishing off the collor for her beautiful Sirdar Click cardi, while Maggie was continuing with her Denim sweater. Forgot to ask Thea what she was knitting before she left but it was some angora cream yarn she was using!)
Got some pictures this time - please forgive the quality , Lord Lichefield I am NOT.
Note the busy hands and concentration , also camera avoidance!
The sun is shining so everyone is smiling (unless trying to concentrate) .
More busy crafters (we can see you we're just not looking up! lol)
The one good thing about taking photo's is that you don't get to be in them - but I won't be a spoilsport, here is one of me to laugh at.
The sun was shining here but it was about minus 4 (or it felt like that) .
How many clashing knitted items can one wear together before having to put on the sunspecs!
Now , I don't like to make statements on a knitting blog , but the recent actions of the BBC make me ashamed to be paying a license fee. Apparently they have asked Mazzmatazz to stop giving away the free Dr Who patterns online, as they are defending their Trademark. And it was stated that they would resort to Court action if their request was not met!
BBC - Hang your head in shame . Threatening a creative person who was very good at what she did, gave away her patterns and did NOT do this for money!
I will be writing to Auntie in the most serious of tones!!


TangledFrog said...

I couldn't make it on Sunday, so thanks for the photos! Looks like I missed a lovely afternoon...

Wee Minty said...

OMG - did your camera survive the one at the top? I didn't know you had done that, you minx!