Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Good afternoon

So I had a lovely afternoon at Tramwayknits on Sunday, all manner of gorgeous items were being created, and lots of plans for future creations.
Heather was wearing her beautiful crochet shorty cardi done in the most divine bright blue silk (Nan and I were lusting after it!) The very talented Alice was crocheting and gorgeous cardi in Jaeger 4 ply cotton, which she plans to dye to a deeper shade of green.
Now I couldn't see what Linn was knitting, but I think Gloria was adding to her pile of crochet squares for a summer top. Nan had the lovely Kaffe Fasset sock yarn and was knitting....socks! And Maggie was knitting a lovely denim pinafore for her friends little girl. Patsy had her socks and I think was also knitting a stripey sweater .
And me, I was finishing this !
Its meant to be for my Sex and the City weekend, charity event in Inverness. Bet you'd never thought you'd see the words Sex and the City and Inverness together !
Also on Sunday, I was spoiled a little..... okay a LOT! My PIF from Heather was this !
Heather was worried that I may not like it!
A stained glass knitting notions bag (and I have a copy of the pattern!) and these gorgeous fingerless mittens.
I have been taking them to bed at night to cuddle , they are SO DIVINE!
Heather I LOVE THEM!
Only thing is , now my PIF seems a bit unimaginative now, so I need to up the ante as the say!
So I am glad to say that after a wee visit to John Lewis, I will be adding a little to my PIF recipients gift , and I hope they will like it .
Now a certain person in our knitting group has a special birthday next month (apologies Linn, read the message wrong and thought it was this month).
But what do you get another very talented knitter/crafter for a special birthday.....mmmmmmm , I'm off to peruse the internet to find out!


heather said...

so glad you like them ;0) Have fun in Inverness !

Wee Minty said...

'cuse my ignorance but what is a PIF?

(You can tell I haven't been blogging much recently or I'm sure I would have found out but I'm working back the way!)