Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Its Raining Its Pouring

There are some days that leave you feeling distinctly miserable, with hunched shoulders and a furrowed brow. The newspapers are full of doom and gloom, everybody appears to be moaning and whinging and every little problem seems like an impassable mountain, and and you just want to stick your head under the duvet and make it all go away.
Then there are days where your fellow humans inspire and encourage, and you feel glad to be part of this mad world.
Today is one of those days!
It all started this morning, a few of us , ahem, girls met up for a wee bit knitting, chat and coffee.
Karen brought out her HANDSPUN and HANDKNIT shawl in the New Lanark Merino, done in a lovely lacy leaf pattern. It was really quite beautiful , and has inspired me to get back to the wheel so to speak!
Gail is preparing for her friends visit, and I love the attention she gives to her preparation, from baking and cooking to making sure they have matching shampoo and shower gel !
And then, while visiting Indias' blog , I came across a link to Adrians' blog.
Now, I have never heard of Adrian until today. He is a 26 year old reporter for the Huddersfield Express and Chronicle and is suffering from Leukemia. He is using the little time he has left by starting a petition to request that all 17/18 year olds receive some education on bone marrow donation , to encourage more folk to sign up for it. I'm not very good with words so have a look here and be really inspired!
It is very sad that someone so young and talented is being struck down by this awful disease, but his courage and example are so positive and uplifting, it makes you proud to be a human being!

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tash said...

I saw that guy on the news the other day - his story is so sad, and yet so inspirational. Reading his blog made me so aware that this stuff happens all the time, often without pomp or circumstance. It'd be nice to hear that he made it through the worst, and I sincerely hope they find something for him in the nick of time.