Friday, 11 April 2008

On a diet , a yarn diet !

When we were visiting friends in Perth , we went into the town centre on the Sunday . Now everyone that knows Perth , knows there is not much to do there on a Sunday , except go to church - perhaps St Johns Kirk.
As we passed it that Sunday morning , we heard the beautiful choir singing , it was quite lovely . We could hear it quite clearly from outside the church , as the town was so quiet and peaceful .
I went to look at a few of my old haunts , some which have changed quite dramatically. Some still the same , like my old flat in a 250 year old building , in the towns' Watergate . Now when I lived there , there was no wee arty shop next door , the door to the close was blue , and there were no lights or secure entry to the close - a change for the better I think.
Tidying out my yarn stash the other day , I realised I have quite a lot! Especially since I visited New Lanark and was tempted by their gorgeous new chunky wool (10 balls!! ) . I have quite a few projects outlined for most of my stash , but it may take me several years to realise them all!
So , with the exception of a few special skeins , I am on an official yarn diet ! I have bought a notepad to mark down what projects I intend to start/finish this year , and I stuffed a large proportion of my yarn in one of those vacuum sacks. You know the ones , you get them at Lakeland , stuff your clothes etc. into them , then suck out all the air to make them look smaller .
Except with my yarn , they don't look small , in fact it lives up to its name of Sac(k)! lol
However , I have allowed myself the odd pattern book - DB Donegal Tweed Pattern book . Very beautiful , except that in true DB style all the patterns knit up to almost twice the original size (okay a bit bigger )- at least they warn you about in in this book!
Notice the gorgeous buttons - got these at K1yarns the other day as I couldn't resist .
Have been spinning a bit too - still learning , but improving ever so slightly . Here are a few skeins . Fancy dyeing the natural merino yarn , as /ithink it would take it well . Not so sure about my kitchen though !

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