Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Finishing Things!

The batteries for the camera need recharging , so more photbooth photo's - here it is , the Cocoon crop cardi, with my wee doggie brooch !
And here is the Jamie Possum Handpaint beret - brightens up the grey cardi!


TangledFrog said...

You've been busy! Love them both. Can almost "see" how soft that hat is!

heather said...

They both look great ! Look forward to seeing them in the flesh/yarn (?) sometime :0)

Krawuggl said...

Your cardi looks very lovely and stylish. I could imagine that it would be beautiful worn with skirts now in the cold spring weather. And I especially love your poodle brooch, very cute.
A beret was always on my mind, too, my problem is just that I think hats don´t suit me. I like yours very much, maybe I try one in autumn, too.
Best wishes on a cold, windy day,