Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Just like the weather of late , I keep changing what I'm doing!
Just now , I am almost finished the HP Phoenix socks. Sadly they are a teensy weensy bit tight for junior , so jnr junior will inherit the first pair , and I will have to knit a second. Now that I am using the usual heel turning method , I actually like the yarn (lets not talk about the "new" method I tried - least said soonest mended etc. etc.)
Received an email from Sunshine yarns about their latest HP inspired sock yarn - I. RESISTED. Although it was VERY tempting.
Now at present I have "several" projects on the go - so why did I feel the need to start winding another ball of sock yarn ? I should really say that it is ADHD , but its the lovely colours of the yarn that kept calling out to me everytime I passed the yarn basket. Its very berry , dyed by Jon of Easyknits down in London. I bought it last year at the Stitch and Bitch Day sponsored by Iknit London.
Had a lovely morning at Cafe Flava , my favourite haunt. The weather was appalling , and I had spent the previous day washing , drying and ironing until night time , so thought I would reward myself with a morning of sock knitting . It was a lovely surprise when Margaret walked in to join me , as I hadn't seen her for a while (she'd been in Tenerife for six weeks , now THAT is how to spend the wet windy winter !) and it was great to catch up .
All to soon it was time to pick up jnr junior from Nursery , and spend the afternoon cake baking . Not a bad life really .
Goodness , the Sun has appeared , must go and hang another washing out!

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