Friday, 25 April 2008

Four Seasons in One Day

So. I am sitting in Cafe Flava after having been at the dentist (crown/gum problems and a freaky x-ray, yeuch!), and Irene and Fiona (healthy outdoorsy mums , do lots of walking , cycling etc.) came in and joined me. I was sitting at my favourite seat by the window , feeling the sun on my back (Oh. Joy.) and knitting the HP Phoenix sock, which is NEARLY done.
Irene managed to persuade/coerce me into volunteering for the school fete , and then quipped , "ooohh, have ordered my first ball of sock wool , or rather sock kit from get knitted , I am going to knit socks at last!" She'll be clickety clicking at Flavaknits night yet , or perhaps on Flavaknits mornings!
Talking of. Didn't manage to Flavaknits last night as I was out at the theatre. A group of us went to see Mamma Mia at the Clyde Auditorium , and it was such a laugh. Wasn't sure if the scent of fake tan was coming from the actors , who were looking quite "healthy" , or the girl next to me , but it was rather strong. And of course you can guess what happened when the song Souper Trouper was sung ? * I think most of the songs were accompanied by the audience , either by singing, dancing or both!
It was a really enjoyable show, I loved the music , and I think I was taken by surprise with the comedy in it. To quote a friend , "its pure cheese but great fun!"
Being out so late did mean that I missed reading the bedtime stories to the boys , but I think Gran and Grandad managed just fine. What I find amusing is that when I read these books , I sometimes come across references to knitting in the unlikeliest of stories. Last week , we came across some in Roald Dahls , Danny Champion of the World.
DH is worried , says I'm getting obsessed with knitting . This from the man who visits the Golf shop on a weekly basis!
* Hint , something to do with Glasgow

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Alison Boon said...

I think there are worse things to be obsessed by. Tell hubby that it's just your RAS being activated, Reticular Activation System, you know how when you get a new car you suddenly see loads of that type of car, or when you're pregnant you see loads of pregnant women. Thanks for telling me about Danny and the ref to knitting I need a book with a Knitting ref that was published at least 40 Years ago. I am just going to check the date for Danny.