Sunday, 27 April 2008

A Collection at the Burrell!

Anyone who knows me really well , knows I love my local city , Glasgow ! And I love nothing better than spending time in the many Museums and Parks it has , so I was very pleased when the Tramwayknits group held its "Spring Fling" at the Burrell today. The Sun shone ,the company was great , and we did our knitted Flower swap.
And what a Flower Swap , there was a full bunch of flowers in one gorgeous crocheted flower scarf , there was a beautiful kidsilk haze creation , a beaded flower with tweed leaves , and (my contribution) twirly aran flower with boucle leaves . I never got to see the rest as two small boys were pulling me away to go home!
There was a LOAD of wonderful knitting/crocheting books and magazines on the table - we took particular interest in the Knitted Lingerie book, underwear aside it did contain some great outerwear , some of it inspired by the fashions of the 1940's.
There was also a LOAD of gorgeous yarn , Heather had brought some beautiful silk and silk mix yarn. The Manos del Uruguay silk mix was a gorgeous red colourway , and the silk aran was wonderful acid shades of pink and orange . And the stole Heather was crocheting was in a wonderful shade of turquoise/sea blue .
In fact there was quite a bit of the crochet going on today. Alice had on a lovely crocheted cardi , Heather was crocheting a stole, there were lots of lovely crochet books on the table including the Erika Knight book my sister bought to knit a lovely camisole (Personally I would need to knit/crochet something to fill the camisole but thats for another time! lol)
I had brought my 3 years old WIP sweater today to add another few rows , but I had wished I had brought my WIP cotton top instead. I may dig that out this evening when children are sleeping .
And on to FO's - the HP socks are FINIS ! However , Junior feels they are a bit tight - aaarrgghh! So on to pair number two , then perhaps I can give pair number one to Jnr Junior. I always knew there was a positive side to having more than one child ! lol
Having a few problems with electrical things just now - Vacuum cleaners packed up and the camera is slowly falling to bits. I'm tempted to buy the toy version of things as they seem to last longer!


TangledFrog said...

It was a good day, wasn't it? I the flower scarf I dipped for! And DH & I managed a stroll around Pollock Park in the sunshine before heading home.

Cherry Menlove said...

I fell in love with Glasgow, my family are from the outskirts, in 1990 when it was the European city of culture. I have loved the city ever since.
Cherry xoxoxo