Monday, 24 September 2007

And so , back to the Knitting

There was a bit of a break in the knitting mainly due to a dodgy back, which required a visit to the Osteopath. Several cricks of the neck later, we are back on track . I am on to the final colour change of the pinwheel sweater, and also on to the heel turn of my sock, the first of a pair. Every now and again I knit a few more rows of my kiddyprint sweater sleeve - 2 ply yarn on 3mm needles - not the quickest knitting to do !
Had a visit to John Lewis where I bought some (more) lovely knitting pattern books - here are a few of my favourites below
Kidsilk Aura book - sweater on front cover is my favourite, especially in that wonderful raspberry colour.
Rowan Studio - booklet 6 , I think! My favourite, favourite is the cropped jacket in Rowan Cocoon. My sister is knitting Narvik out the latest Rowan Magazine in three brown/gold shades, and it is gorgeous (expensive, but gorgeous!) I love this little strappy top too, the beading just sets it off.
I saw a similar short-sleeved jacket in a fashion magazine, but this one done in big wool is just divine. And that wide neck sweater - why oh why is there never enough time (or money) for all my wish list! Maybe if I write a nice letter to Santa Claus.
Oh well, back to the knitting .


yvette said...

I hope your back is better, I have to find an osteopath, preferably one that speaks english!
Thanks for showing the inside of the Rowan Studio book, its on my list to check out this weekend, I love that short cardi.
Hope you had a happy anniversary.

Kathleen said...

Sorry to hear about your back, I didn't realise you suffered from a bad back. Thank goodness the osteopath was able to give you some relief.