Thursday, 27 September 2007

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my DH - ten happy and eventful years !
Now, I'm being a bit naughty today - DH and I have bought and exchanged the cards, there will be a lovely family dinner this evening, and then.... Flavaknits! I know what you were all thinking! We have booked our anniversary gift to each other, a round of golf, and a session at a Spa, but thats in a few weeks time. Its been a great ten years , and we've been blessed with two beautiful children , and a lovely home . Our lives are quite different to the ones we lead ten years ago - less about self now, all about family . We've a bit of catching up to do with my in laws , they've been married nearly fifty years - FIFTY YEARS!
I'm reading Alan Bennetts "Untold Stories" and love the one about his parents wedding. They were such a shy couple that they got the vicar to marry them at eight in the morning, so there wouldn't be a fuss, and his father could get to work on time . The stories he write about his parents are very touching, and the marriage vow about "in sickness and health" was truly tested , in his parents case , his poor mother suffering from depression, and his father making a round trip of 50 miles a day to visit her in hospital (and ALWAYS on time, never late) . Love indeed.


heather said...

Congratulations Mhairi ! Hope you enjoy your treats when they come :0)

We'll be joining you on Monday when we hit 14 years married - tho' on 31st October (Halloween, the day we met - how apt !) we'll have clocked up 20 years as a couple. EEK, as I point out to Al now and then, people do less time for murder ! ;0)

Heather x

tash said...

Happy anniversary! I'm only a beginner at this whole marriage malarkey, but I love it already and I very much hope our first 10 years are as happy as yours sound.

Enjoy your excursions when they happen and here's to another 10 :)