Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Hippy Chick

Hope to have it finished by Christmas - not yet decided which Christmas though! I need to hide away to try and get some peace to knit, if its not children requiring attention , its folk in the cafe enquiring about what I'm knitting and that their granny used to do it, or , they have some long lost languishing project stuffed away.
So when I need a wee bit of some light knitting, I do this - a Giant Sock! No , its actually an adult sized one up close. Its Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch sock yarn in a blue/green/turquoise colourway. Lovely to knit with, I got this yarn at Fankle, when I went to visit Lilith and try on her gorgeous Arisaig sweater to see if it fitted. Long story short (actually it was short to start, but I digress!) Lilith knitted Arisaig, decided it was too fitted , and wanted to swap it. Fitted me, loved it, swapped it for some Posh Yarn vouchers . Photo's tomorrow when light is better .
And here is some Posh Yarn Laceweight in colourway cheeky - how could I resist - better photo's tomorrow. Its four hundred yards of Silk/cashmere mix yarn, a little stole for myself I think .
Was reading the Obituary today of Dame Anita Roddick, the Firebrand who started one of my favourite shops, the Body Shop . I actually found myself getting quite teary reading it.Here was someone who started a "green" business and blazed the path for others to follow (and sometimes better). Here was a mad Hippy Chick who took on the City pin-striped dinosaurs. Here was someone who set up charities and fought for rights for the many disadvantaged. Here was someone I truly admired .
I've always been a bit of a hippy chick at heart, I remember trying to persuade my boss that we should recycle office paper and equipment - his reply was there was no money in it. I said that we were destroying the environment for future generations - he said that he'd be dead and not care . I'm laughing now, cos wherever he works, he'll have to recycle ! She who laughs last, laughs longest .
Well, back to the knitting - try and get a round in before bed time!

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