Monday, 16 July 2007

4 years loyal service....

and never a problem until now! My trusty applemac has given up the ghost, but hopefully the kind folk at 3Sys in Clydeback will be able to breath some life into it (yep! I never put my photo's on disk - fingers crossed I'll get them back!)
Am borrowing my sisters laptop (thanks sis!) but probably won't be posting again until I get a) my applemac fixed or b) a new apple ipad (I am lusting after this - but don't tell my trusty old applemac!)Just a thought, whats 4 years in computer years , about 72!
Not much knitting going on just now, just lots of entertaining of small children - its exhausting. Still the possibility of visiting John Lewis soon ( a parents dream of a store ) is keeping me going.
*Sigh* no sunny photos to cheer me up - lets hope its sunny tomorrow.

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tash said...

We had our HD die on us a couple of years ago, and we literally lost everything. Or almost everything - thankfully I had some things backed up!

Good luck with your mac!