Friday, 13 July 2007

And this is why....

I like Majorca!
Clean Sandy Beaches - keeps the kids entertained for hours .
Nice white buildings set against a blue sky, notice the Palm Trees, they only grow in HOT places.
Typical Majorcan architecture - and notice, its DRY! That means Sun (and no rain!)
Yes, I've been on Holiday , and it was too short. Although it nearly didn't happen at all, given the events at Glasgow Airport . By the time we were leaving for holiday, all that was left was a 3 hour delay, and the smell of burning rubber. By the time we got back, some bare whiteboards covering the walls where glass doors used to be .
It wasn't quite knitting weather, but I did try, and try, and try. Middle Eastern Wrap cast-on for a toe up sock. Does ANYONE know how to do this ? Cos I sure don't, I just end up with a mess .
Had a trip into Palma , and couldn't resist this photo when I saw the name of the shop - KNIT . Apologies for the glare, this is what happens when someone as pale as me goes into the Sun!
The items sold were plain old cotton knitted sweaters, not very interesting .
One of the nice things about going on holiday, is that there is very little cooking, cleaning, laundry, housework, everything really. Its a total switch off. But once I arrive back from the airport, its WHAM, back to normal 100 mile an hour stuff. So while I've had a lovely relaxing time, the 18 loads of laundry, entertaining the kids while its raining, housework , cooking, etc etc. is a bit of the shock to the system. There will probably be only short posts for a while. Oh, and some photo's of sun to keep me cheerful .

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Kathleen said...

Welcome back. That looks like a brilliant place for yourself and the boys alike. Looks like cracking weather!