Friday, 27 July 2007

Trying it out for size...

okay, got the firefox up and running, so am trying things out. Don't have all the stuff from my old computer on here yet, so may try something new, like photobooth....
You likey??? I can basically take a photo AT my computer now, as well as downloading ones from my camera! Good Eh! Has lots of special effects like the one above . Have also set up a new web page on the mac (its a macwebpage!), not much on it yet, but will show a link when I do.
Was visiting my new little niece yesterday, she is a wee cutie, and I got lots of cuddles. Was able to show her mummy some mummy tricks (winding, putting to sleep etc etc. , the sort I wished someone showed me when I was a new mum!) Could have brought her home, except her mummy wanted her to stay (spoilsport), and I have two wee hooligans running riot here already, don't think I can cope with three!
Well, am off to catch up on some blog reading, before bed, Yawn!!


Kathleen said...

Very good- I do likey!
Enjoy your new kit.
Bet your sister/ sister in law welcomes all the tips she can get. x K

soCherry said...

Cool! That's a fab pic!!
Elaine x