Monday, 16 July 2012

Holiday - ay !

Where to start ... have just spent a lovely morning with my knitting group Chez nous . My cookies turned out well (there are none left) my scones not so well (there were 3 left , they were like biscuits!) It was great to catch up with everyone , as some of us were not long back from holidays , while some were just packed up to leave later that morning.

The last few months have been a blur of fund-raising , event organising etc.etc. for the school PTA . My eldest is in Primary 7 , and he had his Leavers Service , his final school trip and his Leavers Party ALL on the same day. On his last day the whole school turned out to applaud them all as they left Primary School forever - it was all enough to turn Parents into an emotional wreck especially as the wee girls all seemed so overhwelmed and started to cry! They boys seemed to happy and would have preferred to go out to the refrain of "Schools Out for Summer" instead of all the applauding ,crying and so on . Although mine did go a bit quiet later on as the though of going to secondary school sunk in.

One of the Office ladies at the school is also our dear own sunday School Leader at St Johns Church , and she is retiring from Sunday School this year. The other teachers all clubbed together , and I headed to my LYS to purchase the necessary equipment to make this - Frill edged stole from Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace book - without the frill edge ! I also had enough to get a heart shape brooch pin for it too .

Sally had no idea what she was being presented with at Church one Sunday , and it wasn't until later when she opened it to discover what was in the bag. She was so delighted with it , and came over to thank me for it at the leavers service at school a few days later .

We have since been on our Family holiday , along with Gran and Grandad to Majorca - here is a selection of some of the photo's to give you a flavour - It was too short a time , but really lovely . The aparthotel and pool are just lovely , the beach and views are gorgeous , the town is lively enough but not loud and garish . The food and coffee were great!

I would go back tomorrow , but we'll need to wait and save up for next year .
Thankfully , I have invited the girls over most Mondays until the end of the school holidays - time to improve on my scones and get a little knitting done . Time also to blog a little more too .


Irene said...

Welcome back to blog land!

Francesca said...

I'm so glad you're well. I was starting to wonder....Congratulations to your big boy going to secondary school. it's a big step and I am sure it came a bit too soon for mum.
The purple stole is awesome, the Sunday school teacher is a lucky and special person....Enjoy your holiday!!!