Friday, 11 May 2012

Alls quiet ...Mums lost her voice!

It started yesterday tea time , my voice began to get croaky . The previous evening at yoga , I kept having coughing attacks during relaxation , which made it very un-relaxing . By the time I went to PTA meeting it was getting worse , and by then end (mainly because there was a lot of talking to be done), I was desperate for a cuppa and to stop talking.
Still , a sofa and some sock knitting will help cure me - hopefully!

Remember the shrug I was knitting for a friend to wear at her nephews wedding - that was still unfinished on Monday ?

Got it finished! Minus a lacy collar and a few extra inches added , plus lots of beads , it looks and feels great . May have to make one for me too!

It went perfectly with her dress , and hopefully will keep the chills away especially since it is so cold again .

Had a marvellous weekend in Inverness at my friends last (holiday) weekend , the boys get on well with my friends boys too . On the sunday her eldest went to his athletics while the rest of us went to the park! My eldest soooo wanted to NOT be here , especially as his younger brother is an obvious embarrassment .

The sun was actually very hot , but then it clouded over and as we made our way to the car , the heavens opened and it.....hailed!

Mmmm , maybe seeing now where this nasty cold came from - back to the sofa.


Francesca said...

Oh, the shrug is lovely! Sorry to hear about your need lots of herbal tea, throat coat here.Happy weekend to you!

Mei said...

I am also knitting this piece but can’t figure out where to put the bead in the left front piece. I wonder if you could help me..?

Row 1: … P1, Pb, P1, K2

Row 2: … K1, P1, K1, P1, K1,

Row 3: … P1, K1, P1, K1, P1,

Row 4: … K1, P1, K1, P1, K1,

Which rows and which stitches do you put the bead in ..? Please drop me a hint… many thanks, Mei.

Flavaknits said...

Hi Mei , I put the bead in as above , but using the crochet hook method. After P1 , I would take a bead on the crochet hook , take the next stitch onto the crochet hook , and pull stitch through bead , then I would knit it , before the next P1 stitch.
Obviously , the Row 1 is right side facing , if not always make sure you place the bead on a Right side facing row . Hope that helps! Mx