Saturday, 21 July 2012


Its this time of year that the Rowan Magazine comes out , as well as some new Rowan yarns/colourways . I gave in , I bought the book and oh what beautiful patterns , I am tempted by most of them . Sadly I don't knit that quickly or have unlimited funds , so I will choose my pattern/s carefully .
At the Thursday night knitting group , the colourwork patterns in the book got a big thumbs up . There was much oo-ing and aa-ing over them , working out colour combinations and so on . Then the resident Yarn seller introduced some new Debbie Bliss Yarn books too, that, and the sale of Rialto yarn was too much for some, who bought a whole sweaters worth on the spot - you know who you are Seona!
I am psychi-ing myself up to buy the latest Debbie Bliss Yarn Winter Garden and its book . There is a lovely chunky sweater I NEED to have .
There is also a lovely aran sweater in the new BFL Aran book too!
Ahhh! Too much temptation!
Talking of temptation , there are quite a few of my favourite indie dyers who seem to be bucking the trend and doing very well with their online shops . I am not surprised , the yarns and colourways are fabulous , they have well managed clubs every so often and they are just lovely people !
Obviously one of my favourites is Breagh - Indie dyer Innes from Inverkip who sells her yarn through the Once a Sheep bricks and mortar shop only. Innes does a fabulous kid mohair/silk range called Clyde clouds which is to dye/die for!
Old Maiden Aunt is another of my favourites . Lilith has her studio in the craft town on West Kilbride , snd her yarn range and colours are fabulous , you could quite happily drown in them . I knitted my sister a stole using the merino cashmere blend and everyone drools over it . I also love one of the latest colours which is similar to a blue Police Box from a certain programme . The annual clubs are also a sell out , and each month members receive two types of yarn in a secret colourway plus some special "extras" . The colours are then released for the general public at the end of the club .
Another favourite is Easyknits run by John Dunn-Ballam , who I first came across at the first Iknit event in London a few years ago . His website is a flash of bright colours , fabulous yarns and cooking recipes' as well as patterns . There are sock clubs , shawl clubs and fibre clubs at different times of the year . New colours sell out very quickly , and are bold , bright and a little bit brash . Its a bit like a sweetie shop!
Then there is my "oldest" favourite , Natural Dye Studio , who has recently re-located to Devon from Suffolk , and who has the most amazing naturally dyed yarns ever . The colours are gentle but bold , the yarns are so squishy and huggable , every newsletter is covered in pictures of temptingly dyed yarn crying out to be knit .
It can get too much for a girl - I think I'll go and lie down for a bit! Enjoy !

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