Friday, 19 February 2010

An Olympic Week

The Olympic Challenge got off to a good start , and although I haven't finished the first glove , it is looking good so far .
There were a few hurdles on the way , some dropped stitches, rip back , some mistakes , rip back , NOT FITTING! , rip waaayy back. Onto bigger needles , and I am back in the race!
I am using the Unicorn Mystery yarn from Fyberspates and Natural Dye Studio's Unicorn Mystery in 2009. The yarn is no longer a mystery though , it is Baby Llama, silk and cashmere! Beautiful to knit and gorgeous to wear .
I thought these two colours , Deep Purple and Magenta , went together well for this project and so far I am really liking the effect .
Better get my skates on though and finish this one so I can get on the next , only 10 more days to go!
Finally sorted out my lace cardi pattern , this has been ripped back too many times to count now! I think I have the pattern sorted and fingers crossed this will block out to be a wee bit bigger! (Although it does measure to my size I would like it to be a bit looser!
Its a lovely design , and although I am not an expert lace knitter , I would say that the pattern is not very well written. Also there was no chart to follow , which would have made it easier to see how the pattern should be. I find this a feature of Rowan patterns, they are lovely but some of them are very unclear.
Still keeps the old grey matter working!
Onwards and upwards!

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