Friday, 12 February 2010

Knitting Olympics

In a moment of madness I signed up to the Knitting Olympics , started by the Yarn Harlot a while back .
The rules state that project must be chosen based on its challenge to the knitter . Casting on must not start before the opening ceremony and lighting of the Olympic flame on February 12th (PST). Casting off must be before the closing ceremony on February 28th (PST) . Those who manage this get a Gold medal !
And I signed up yesterday! Yikes!
Here is my pattern , a two colour Norwegian motif pair of mitts . I have never done two colours before , either on the flat or round . This is on the round .
And here are the yarns I will be choosing from , so far I prefer the deep purple with pink motifs , but I'm still open to suggestions .
Well better go and get myself ready for the starters gun ! (Ooops and make the kids dinner!)

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Anonymous said...

EASY! Lol! twist and strand the yarns at the back, don't pull tight or leave too loopy and they will be perfect! Have fun and shout for help if you need to - but you probably won't need to.
Maggie x