Thursday, 11 February 2010

How to cook ?

A few evenings ago , I had the opportunity to watch some television , and out of the several programmes I watched , one was about (Saint) Delia Smith through the 5 decades of her cooking . Now I don't remember her column she wrote for a national paper in the 60's , but I do remember her baking and cookery books from the 70's onwards thanks to a Mother who loved cooking . The adorable Mr Stephen Fry , a good friend of Delia , was interviewing her in his usual charming manner , and the decade they were discussing was the 90's and how Delia went back to teaching the nation "How to Cook"(Please imagine if you will the wonderful baritone voice of Mr Fry) . And after 2 decades of ready meals , boy, were we ready for it!
Although looking back , I was probably only ready for the How to Cheat at cooking , but that's another story .
So , when I was lamenting the other month about lack of this , that and the next thing in my cookery books , I forgot to check my "How to Cook" books - they were languishing at the back of my book shelf.
A quick dusting down , and there it was ..... How to Roast beef ....... How to cook fish ....... how to bake bread . How did I forget ?
And the recipes' are so simple to follow....... and healthy .
I guess the thing I love about the Delia recipes is this .... she works at a recipe until she has it right , so when you try one out the books , it always works .
So tonight for dinner it is lemon and tarragon Roast Chicken a la Delia !
Then a bit of sock knitting!
Nearly forgot , here are some socks I did for Christmas! Pattern for both is Monkey by Cookie A , pink yarn is Lorna's Laces in Get Knitted , and the multi-coloured yarn is Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in Twist by Sunshine yarn . Such I pity I had to give them away!

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Irene said...

Do I recognise my foot? Lovely socks. Must try a Monkey!