Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lost mitten !

Going back to the scene of the crime to no avail , mitten had not been found or handed in , sigh!
And it is bitterly cold , there was a white frost this morning all over the ground , with some icy patches too . Brrrr , definitely hat and mitten weather.
So , since I needed a pair of mittens , and I had just knitted the lovely Ishbel hat in Jamie Possum Paints yarn , I decided to knit a matching pair of mittens .
I left the hat in Karens' yarn store to show folk what size of hat you could get from one ball of the Possum Paints , I think quite a few folk tried it on and bought some yarn to knit it with!
Thankfully there was one ball of the blues left , which made a lovely pair of fingerless mittens with some left over . When I knit these again I will do the full mitten , as they are so warm and cosy! I used the vine pattern in the Ishbel hat for the cuff , casting on 40 stitches to fit round my wrist then continued in my simple mitten recipe . Will post it on ravelry soon .
This is the pink shade of Possum Paints , I had a hat in it a while back which I lost (can you see a pattern developing??) , however this will be for my MIL who is much more careful than me .
Now to start Beanie for DH who lost the one I bought him , I've got some lovely Rowan DK in black for it!

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