Thursday, 17 December 2009

Now its only 8 sleeps! Yikes!

So , I still have the following to do before Friday 25th December :-
Socks to finish
Socks to start (because I frogged one I hated and now I think I may just do a scarf!!)
Two scarfs and a hat to block .
Mittens and a Hat to start , because the yarn ran out and the suppliers don't have any more. Then I had to look through all my gorgeous SKEINS of yarn and BALL them up . Still waiting on the first yarn , but the balls look nice though!
Secret Santa to wrap , this has been done for ages , so I am being busy/lazy depending on your viewpoint!
Christmas Cards to write and post - that ain't gonna happen anytime soon!!!
Helping out at Santa's workshop , wink wink ; ) ; )
Sunday School Nativity and Christmas Treat
The usual cooking , cleaning , dealing with (brats from hell) delightful children .....
There are no photo's today , I shouldn't even be on the computer but I need somewhere to vent!
Deep Breath ! Sigh! Off for a Cuppa !

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Irene McCormack said...

Calm! Calm! Deep breathing and a yoga class.