Monday, 2 November 2009

Autumnal Storms

Well , its been a busy few weeks since I last posted . My good friend Karen is "bizee" getting her shop all ready for its grand opening in December , my other good knitting buddy Carrie is now Stateside in Seattle (remember the second "t" !) and I've been helping out at school on their "Room on a Broom" themed project .
We had two "Goodbye" evenings for Carrie , one at her house where we presented her with our gift of an Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel , and another at the Tontine Hotel where we all had a lovely meal and signed Carries Treadles for her to keep - and we were naughty at both! lol
In between all this , Karen and her family and a few volunteers have been busy painting , laying floors , sorting leaks , ordering yarn .......oooohhh more yarn soon! And , her poor Dad has been in hospital too ! It is so exciting , and I can't wait for the shop to open at the beginning of December .
In the meantime I have managed to finish my Ishbel in Knitwitches Silk and Mohair , colourway Delphiniums . It is actually the small size but I used bigger needles , and voila , a large one ! I still have quite a wee bit of the yarn left .
Here is a dreadful photo courtesy of photobooth on my mac , camera is on the blink!
It is so warm and soft .
And comes at least halfway down my back .
It can be worn over the shoulders like this .
Or just hanging nicely over the arms - here is my lunch a bit of a made up recipe , and it turned out tasty!
Salmon and Beef Noodles
Ingredients :- Green pepper , spring Onions , mushroom , ginger finely chopped (or ground ginger from a jar) , sweetcorn off the cob , Straight to wok noodles , beef stock , soy sauce , oil.
Fry the onions and pepper in the oil and soy sauce (a good dash) , add a little water then add mushrooms and ginger and fry for a few mins . Next add the noodles and beef stock (as much as you like, or as little) , then add the sweetcorn that has been cut off the cob. Cook over a high heat for five mins , the take off the heat. Add some broken up poached salmon , mix ,then serve in a large bowl .
Eat as a soup or a stew and with toasted wholemeal bread! Mmmmmm!
Mum was right , Hunger does make a good kitchen!

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Once A Sheep said...

Ishbel looks stunning, wish I had a bit more time for knitting just now!