Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Feeling miserable!

Well , DS2 did indeed pass his cold on to me! And his brother and his father..... so we are all feeling a bit under the weather and very very tired.
I had hoped to visit friends this weekend , but that is out of the picture now, however I will need to organise some outings for the boys as it is their October Holiday week.
After last weeks frogging fiasco I have cast on and am knitting two "comfort" projects , one is the lovely cashmere/silk and another in the silk/mohair .
Guess which patterns ? Go on...... post your guesses in the comments you might get a surprise .
As promised in previous post -:
Here is the Vine leaf pattern for the Fingerless Mitts Cuff and Finger edging , mitt pattern given in last post :-
Round 1 - K3 YO K1 YO K1 S1 K2tog PSSO , repeat 4x (24 stitch patten only)
Round 2 and all even numbered rounds Knit
Round 3 - K2 YO K3 YO S1 K2tog PSSO , repeat 4x
Round 5 - K1 YO K1 YO K3 S1 K2tog PSSO , repeat 4x
Round 7 - YO K3 YO K2 S1 K2tog PSSO , repeat 4x
Round 8 - Knit
K - Knit , YO - Yarn Over S1 - Slip one , K2tog - Knit 2 together PSSO , Pass slipped stitch over K2tog .


Once A Sheep said...

Fernfrost? Ishbel? Veyla? Ooh not sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
We met once at the tramsay sunday knit group - I was pregnant and have now had daughter number 2 (8 weeks old already!)
I hope you don't mind but looking for some advice about socks! I have only done 3 pairs, the last in lovely Araucania but I only wore them a few times but the foot is a bit felted (long walk, hot feet!) Is there anything I can do to prevent this or is it just part and parcel of handknit socks?
Hopefully see you again one sunday once I know up from down! We are also all full of the cold here, must be going round. Jules X

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, my mail address is jules@peptone.co.uk - but don't worry if you don't get time to mail, a bit cheeky me posting a question on yr blog! I also have a blog - www.node-one.com/julesblogs. Jx