Friday, 9 October 2009

Knitting and Reading

At present , I am supposedly finishing off some WIPs , and supposedly starting some KAL socks , supposedly .
However it is cold and grey outside , and I really want (another) hat , really !
And I really want to knit up my cashmere too, mmmmmmm!
I'll guess I'll stick with the WIPS for present (especially since some of them are just that ..... presents! lol)
Got very excited in the library yesterday , found the "adapted for children" version of Jules Vernes' "Journey to the Centre of the Earth! " Had been trying to read the original version to DS1 , but we both got a bit baffled by the terminology and 19th century language. (OK , read that as DS2 got bored!)
And today got my Mum the perfect gift book , biography of Agatha Christie (my Mum is the original AG Nut! )
And me , well I am still looking at the Whimsical Little Knits book ..... I so want to knit that HAT!

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Once A Sheep said...

Go on, cast on you know you want to,(plus I won't feel so bad about my hunners of WIPs then!)