Saturday, 18 July 2009

Moody Knitter!

I am halfway through July's Cookie A KAL pattern from the Sock Innovation book , called Eunice . And I'm still not sure if its the right yarn/needle/colour combo . Does anyone else feel like this from time to time ?
I love the pattern , its challenging enough without being too complex .
I love the yarn , it lives up to its name , Dream in Color Smooshy , its really IS smooshy .
And the circular needles I am using are not causing my RSI to flare up BUT they could be a wee bitty smaller (and then they probably WOULD cause my RSI to flare up , and I can't afford anymore Osteo just now ).
And the sock looks good too , albeit a wee bit loose , but fitting not too bad . Hhhmmmm ....... maybe I'm just in a strange knitting mood , maybe I just need to NOT think too much and keep knitting .
At least my Kiri is now finished and blocked (badly , but still blocked) , pictures later when I've charged up the camera. It looks lovely and feels great . And it has whetted my appetite for some more lace .
Perusing the Old Maiden Aunt site , I followed the link to Anne Hanson Designs site , and MY OH MY !, those scarfs / stoles / shawls are a site to behold . I've already chosen one or two scarf/stole patterns , and then , of course , I will need to visit OMA to get the necessary yarn .
Moody ? Me ?

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