Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Forest Fun!

Just back from a lovely relaxing holiday at Center Parcs , near Penrith in the gorgeous English Lake District . The lodges are set in the Whinfell forest , which is home to the original Squirrel Nutkin , the red squirrel . Its so lovely to get up in the morning and see the rabbits bobbing about outside , have the pheasant and his Hen visit , and see the small animals and birds scurry away as the Sparrow-Hawk swoops down .
And then there is the BIG Pool! where you can learn to swim , or just play , or do both !
"Hurry up Mum , the wave machine is about to come on !"
And there are plenty of Play Parks to have fun in , and climb , slide or perhaps ....swing .
"Hey , Mum is quite good at this pushing thing isn't she ?" Yeah! not bad"
But what really makes your heart melt is the babies , the ducklings , the moorchicks and the original ugly ducklings.....or Cygnets! Not ugly at all , just so cute . But watch out , Mum and Dad don't let you go too near , or you'll get a peck!
And I discovered a class called Lavender Relaxation , WOW! Fabulous! I was so relaxed I literally floated for the rest of the day !
It was such a fun relaxing time , and who would have thought you would be able to have a barbeque right in the middle of a forest! Yikes , thankfully it was a small (and tasty) one , and all the meat got cooked right through .
I even got a little knitting done , half of my Eunice sock and almost done on the edging of my Kiri shawlette .
Don't you just love the Summer Holidays!

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Once A Sheep said...

Looks fabulous so glad you managed to get some relaxing time. Looking forward to seeing you again though!