Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Well I finally gave up on the Eunice pattern/Smooshy yarn combo . It just wasn't doing it for me so I frogged. It always depresses me to do this after all the hours and work I put in , but I know if I am really unhappy with something there is no alternative. So frustrating , but hey ho life goes on .
I had a lovely weekend at Inverness visiting friends , and the boys all really got on well playing the usual boy games , and watching similar TV programmes . The sun shone and we had a marvelous barbeque and plenty of wine! (thats the adults not the kids , they got high on Ribena!)
The only drawback is the long drive of approx 200 miles (probably piffling by American Standards) , and the various roadworks/holdups . It took me about 4 and a half hours , not including the stops . Also DH was working so Mummy here was doing it all!
Still it is a very pretty drive and I recommend the cakes at House of Bruar , plus a wee walk along to the falls of Bruar. Its funny Blair Atholl Castle is close by , but I've never visited it yet , must make a point one day .
Well after the Eunice debacle , I was feeling a bit put off knitting socks. Fortunately , I has signed up for the Send a Skein swap in the 2009 Sock Knitalong forum on Ravelry (members only , but its free to join so follow the link!) And I received the most gorgeous skein of Natural Dye Studio BFL Dazzle sock yarn in the most amazing colours - BUT, you can't see it until I knit it all up in Augusts pattern , which will either be Cookie A Monkeys or Sunshine. Don't want another Eunice situation! And , I am knitting another pair in Fyberspates as a gift for a friend . So I'm not toooooo put off!
Ahh , the sun is shining now - better get out and enjoy it while I can!


Kathleen said...

Good to have you back and glad you had such a nice weekend away. As for the socks, there will be better socks just around the corner. x K

Irene McCormack said...

I thought you were doing a good job with Eunice, but your standards are high, my dear. I have had Cookie A book for weeks now and haven't started anything (too many other projects on the go).