Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A little update

Well its been a busy old time of late!
Had a wonderful (and sunny ) weekend in Inverness at the Sex and the City event - the cocktails were absolutely divine! Got roped into Raffle ticket selling, cocktail ticket stamping (only three per person, move along now ladies!) and bus boarding duties!
And we even enjoyed the film , although there were certain groups of "ladies" who were squaring up to each other at one point, but that was soon smoothed over !
Have had some lovely knitting time too, I am getting on with my PIF gift , and am taking every chance to get it finished. Trouble is, it will be difficult to part with , just as well I have already received my PIF! lol Also forging ahead on my Lotus Blossom tank - ripped out 4 times already so fingers crossed this is the last .
And on to the subject of lace - I got my Fairy Laceweight by Fyberspates from K1yarns. Was showing it off to Karen, who was also showing off her Jamiesons and Smith Lace kit for a beautiful circular shawl in shades of coffee - its going to be a Summer of Lace I feel. Had a lovely evening at Flavaknits last week - Karen had brought lots of lovely books, and not a lot of knitting was done. It was lovely to see Margaret again, who had come up all the way from West Kilbride. In fact it was a busy night and I think we nearly took over the cafe!
And I got to Tramwayknits on Sunday afternoon. Nan had finished a lovely summer sweater pattern from the "Peoples' Friend!" (gasp , and not a tartan slipper in sight!) - it was gorgeous with a lovely cable design just under the yoke. And it was sunny enough for us to sit out with the sunspecs on too! Evelyn is starting the Icarus Shawl from Interweave Knits in a lovely blue Helens' Laces yarn - funnily enough my pink Fairy wool is for the same project.
Well I need to try and finish some projects before starting others, but there are so many gorgeous patterns/yarns out there it is difficult .
But, I need to take one day at a time, and try and do ONE PATTERN at a time , difficult for someone like me whose concentration levels are NIL!
I mean look - I've cast on another project, can you guess what it is ?
Now this is one I started a while ago - last summer to be precise so technically it doesn't count (?!?)
And besides the knitting - have had some fun getting items for a Swap, my first. Haven't really got into swaps before, but this one is a Dr Who Jelly Baby swap! Do you remember Tom Baker, hat tipped back, scarf wound several times around his neck, cheeky grin and asking "would you like a jelly baby?" .
Just what the Doctor ordered!
Look at this cheeky monkey - whats he trying to pinch?


Anonymous said...


I hope you enjoyed a fun, relaxing weekend. I'm enjoying placing together your "no haz" jelly babies package. :)

Enjoy the week ahead!

Your Doctor Who swap partner from across the Atlantic. :)

Alison Boon said...

I hear you on the one project at a time. Have four on the go at the mo and they are beginning to make my mind fuzzy. I need to start finishing and stop starting.

heather said...

I know exactly what he's trying to pinch and I understand why completely ! I'd try to pinch it too :0)

Glad Inverness was fun - can't really imagine you as a bouncer though !

Poshyarns said...

Oh your knitting meet ups sound such fun. I came across a huge pile of ancient People's Friends at a market a while ago, gosh they took me back! I remember my Nana buying it every week, I should think she must have knitted a fair few of their patterns in her time.