Thursday, 19 June 2008

Farewell Old Friend!

Well we had minor incident last night chez nous - the electricity tripped and wouldn't go back on. Several phonecalls trying to locate anyone with electrical knowledge, and I managed to locate the miscreant..... my trusty kettle .
Now to someone who loves tea in any form, my trusty kettle is my friend. It was always the first thing out the box after any house move . This one I've had for 12 years and it has served me well.
Until last night .
Now I will need to decide on what type of new kettle to buy - do I go for a stove top one , or electrical like the last one? Do I buy quality or cheap ? Do I buy a new Eco one that I have been eyeing up for ages, but resisted because my trusty kettle of 12 years was serving me well.
I think a trip to John Lewis is in the pipeline!
On the knitting front - several bad headaches have slowed down the progress of my silk lotus blossom tank - it may still come with me to Majorca......unfinished!

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Alison Boon said...

The bag is tres funky. Ilike a lot. The t-shirt made me laugh. Hope the headaches ease up and enjoy your holiday.