Monday, 18 February 2008

Zippity Do Da Zippity Day!

Blogger is not working too well this evening , this may be a short (non) post!
Have a lovely mid-term holiday visiting friends in Inverness , and the weather was good. Spent a pleasant day at Nairn Beach (oh how I love Nairn beach!) , the boys all playing with the odd piece of Driftwood or ten - and they were big!
Took my Megaboots socks with me to try and finish them (nope didn't happen) , but my Godson did show an interest in Knitting - apparently there is a Cub Scout badge for knitting!
Well the unfinished projects are lining up now , apart from the socks there is the Cocoon Cardi , Astrakhan Shrug for a three year old , oh , and the Noro crop Cardi , which needs to be finished for February 25th. Hasn't got a chance!
And to add to the pressure , Son number one wants his new socks NOW , as the Yarn arrived the other day. Its a Harry Potter inspired colourway called Fawkes the Phoenix , and we are very excited about it (well he is , I'm just stressed!)It is a lovely sock yarn from Dani at Sunshine Yarns , and I think I will enjoy knitting with it , especially as it is child size socks.
On the Harry Potter theme , my Charmed Knits arrived from amazon today , I'd seen mixed reviews , but on the whole it seems a nice book. I particularly like Mrs Weasleys' Knitting Bag , and the Invisibility Shawl. I'm also hoping it might persuade Junior to wear a handknitted sweater or scarf. One lives in hope!

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Heather said...

You've got lots of lovely things on the go Mhairi - I especially like the crop cardi. Gorgeous colours !