Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Forty and Fabulous!

It was my birthday yesterday , but I just didn't feel like posting. After the nice start to the day , the weather went wild and depressing , and I just wanted to hide back under the duvet!
But I didn't!
Instead I had lots of lovely gifts and cards to open , I went out to lunch , and had a lovely relaxing day! I was truly spoiled...
As I had been during my wonderful weekend at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow. One Devonshire is a Glasgow institution , and the name is synonymous with luxury. It was the ONLY thing I had wanted to do for my 40th birthday , was to stay over and eat there ...... and it didn't disappoint;-)
A bed the size of a room , a bath the size of a small ship , and towels so thick you could drown in them.
Then the food - oh the food, I still have dreams about the plate of small deserts with its souffle , creme brulee , chocolate siphon ..... , And I nearly forgot about the Champagne , Bollinger 2000 ! Joked with DH that he could now call me Bolli Knickers , as DCI Gene Hunt calls DCI Drake in Ashes to Ashes lol .
It was truly a fabulous way to spend my 40th Birthday , and I would recommend it to anyone (just prepare your credit card for the shock).
Will make a fuller post with photo's later , as I got some lovely Knitty gifts too!

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