Saturday, 1 December 2007

Christmas Past and Christmas Presents

Today is the start of Advent - "what is advent ?" I ask the kids, "its when Santa's nearly here!" . " No , no, no! Its the 24 days leading up to when we celebrate the birth of Jesus" - blank look , "yeah, that too mum!" Still , on the first day of advent, I let them take out the Advent Calendars (One religious, One for sweeties with Santa, and one that makes up a Winter Scene in the park - don't ask, its a Playmobil toy basically) , and... the Christmas Toys. These are soft toys or mechanical ones that we have been given over the years, the only one we bought being a Pooh Bear and Tigger on a Sleigh , that sings Jingle Bells when you press their paws . That one was a life saver , as it was the only thing that stopped my colicky baby from crying - we love it!
And the remainder are, one Santa Claus on a Trike with bag (!) , one Dancing Teddy Bear dressed as Santa , various Reindeer (none looking remotely like a real one , which we have seen!) , various teddies with Santa hats/bags etc. and a wee Santa Claus thats actually a book (I think that was me , a wee secret santa gift for Junior). Oh , and nearly forgot the various "Stockings" that have been given - Babys First Christmas , Babys' 7th Christmas and so on and so on .
AND..... , this is before we put up any decorations!
On the gift front , Santa knows what all the family will be buying the kids , and he gives accordingly (Knowing wink ;-) . Unfortunately Santa does it differently in everybody elses' house , oooohh , and on the TV too. "And mummy, is there really a Santa ? , because we saw this film/programme ......" Santa , should really be regulated , just to keep the magic ! I blame Coca - Cola myself .
Now these two skeins are going to become gifts for someone - one is baby camel , and the other is Rowan Biggy Print.
I had to suppress a cough when DH said to wait until Christmas to give him his sweater....*!*.... well yes darling , thats what its for !
Was sitting last night waiting for the Jonathon Ross show , where Hughie FW was supposed to be on , then discovered it was on another channel, an hour later - honestly , meant me having to have another glass of wine or two! lol ! Still, it was worth the wait , as a tipsy Hugh FW outwitted the very naughty Mr Ross.


JudyMac said...

Happy days :)

I too dislike how commercial Christmas has gotten. It must be difficult with the kids and the constant TV ads. said...

Love the advent-reply. We too, being the children-at-heart that we are still have advent calendars - of the Kinder chocolate variety. 44 in the head, 10 at heart ;)