Friday, 21 December 2007

Frosty wind made moan...

Normally , I can see the river from our window , but today freezing fog covers it all. It gets colder and colder all the time , so its wrap up well weather.
And here are some knitterly Christmas gifts before the wrapping - there are still a few more to go , and some are being sewn up as we speak. I finished DH sweater with only two inches of yarn left , so a frantic phone call was made to many sources , and eventually I got some more from John Lewis (with DH being messenger!) The stress!
But its not all been stress - I've been out to a lovely farewell/Christmas event with the Tramwayknits group . Our fellow knitter India, is leaving for Zurich , so we had a little farewell party , along with a knitterly basket . It was a lovely afternoon/evening , and we pulled many a strange look from the other revellers in the hotel , as they passed about twenty women knitting together !
And last night was Flavaknits Christmas evening - a small glass(es) of wine , some cake , Gayles South African Caramel , Secret Knitty Santa , some more wine , and a happy evening was had by all. I think we may have even persuaded young Lewis to sign up for the Weakest Link - more on that later ! And photo's to follow on the gifts (yes I forgot to take my camera!)
Thank You Tash for your comment - thats great that you're going to take up the Pay-it Forward challenge .
I know its difficult to commit to yet more gift giving at this time of year , but it is such a lovely thing to take part in , AND , after seeing Kerries Blog, and having a good think, non-bloggers should join in too. So , in the words of Father Teds' housekeeper , Mrs Doyle , go on go on go on go on (or was it go an go an go an go an - I'm not very good at Irish accents!) all you bloggers and non-bloggers
And I don't want to have to send out this guy - he's mean , don't let the hat or the t-shirt persuade you other wise , look at those teeth!
He's out to do business , not even the fat guy in the red suits going to con him!
Oh well , the tree is decorated , presents wrapped (almost) , there is a smell of pine in the air .
The Christmas stockings are hung by the (gas) fire , awaiting dear old Sinterklaas , Santa Claus , Father Christmas , Pere Noel , Saint Nicholas - well the good guy who brings gifts .
And my Christmas Cacti is flowering - that means.... it must be nearly Christmas .
Footnote :-
And a thought for those whose loved ones are lost in that foggy river above .

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