Monday, 30 April 2012

Another 5 minutes!

Been buzzing around today doing Parent Council/PTA stuff today , then shopping ( and oops where did that nice new linen blouse come from?) and cooking and housework ......
So , it was time to take 5 minutes , and show off what I have been doing in between everything else .
This is the Kidsilk Haze Shrug out of the Sarah Hatton Book , Vintage Inspired Knitting Projects - its for a friend to wear with her outfit to a Wedding in May. Which is soon. So I had better hurry up! I love the wee beads on it , the go so well , and sparkle in the light .

And this is my first attempt at weaving , thankfully the knitters loom had already been "warped up" , so all I had to do was weave! I have read the instructions though and will be warping up once I have finished weaving this piece . The warp is a cotton yarn in silver and purple shades , and the weft is purple merino, blue/green cashmerino and a tweedy blue shade so far . Having a rummage to see what else I can use . Not sure what it will be , if anything , but it is a first attempt so I don't suppose it needs to be anything .

And now I have an orderly queue waiting for MY computer - off to have a cup of tea!

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tandemsandy said...

lovely knitting and wow another weaver.... I am using a knitters loom myself at the moment...