Monday, 6 June 2011

A "B" month !

This month we have had a birthday , or rather my youngest son had his 7th Birthday!
Now when you are 7 , you have a celebration on your actual birthday , and then a party to celebrate with your pals . DS2 was a bit unhappy at not getting the day of his birthday off school , but a party at the local Laser Matrix more than made up for it . How can you be unhappy when you get to run around with florescent vests , shoot at your pals , then finish up with slushy drinks and pizza (or hotdog) ?
And there is chocolate cake with Rowntrees Random sweets and a candle that says 7!
It was a very good birthday , and the lucky boy also got to spend his birthday money on some Star Wars toys and Lego the next day . Mummy got to put the empty boxes in the recycling bin and tidy up the house putting away the various toys , Such fun!
And the next "B" was actually "Bees Knees" , or the local Bees Knees awards hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce .
The owner of our Lys and good friend got through to the final of the Bees Knees Awards , one of three in that specific category . Hurray ! Sadly , although We obviously DO think she is the Bees Knees , someone else won that category . Sigh!
Karen very kindly invited me to join her at the Awards Dinner along with her family and some other friends, it was such a super night despite the disappointment . I knitted an emergency Damson (shawl pattern by ysolda) in Rico cotton , to go with my dress I would be wearing. Although I didn't have time to block it , I was pleased with the result . The dress and shawl will accompany me on my holiday later this month .
And here I am with the two boys doing their best to mucky me up before I go out , lol .
Some more lovely knitwear on show - the girls scrub up well don't they ! Only kidding! Rosie and Kimmie looked beautiful , Roy was very handsome himself .
Here is Karen with her lovely DH , wearing a gorgeous dress and HER emergency Damson . She adjusted the pattern so much its almost NOT a Damson , the yarn is OMA merino in Lon Dubh with black Kidsilk Haze - just beautiful .
And now back to the Holiday knitting , plus a wee something other . My good pal Sandy had the most dreadful misfortune , her house burned down and took with it her spinning wheels and stash . Thankfully the insurance will rebuild the house and replace the material things , but its the gifts that were made (and lost) that can't be replaced as such . Well actually they can! The friends at Once a Sheep got together to give her a wee care parcel of goodies , and so did lots of other knitty pals from all over . Hurray for knitty friends!
I have one wee extra thing , its coming soon Sandy I promise!

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Kathleen said...

Your friends look nice, but you dear were the Belle of the Ball! Your dress looks gorgeous under your Damson. x K