Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Elves in the house

I think there must be elves in my house , I turn my back and the laptop disappears as well as the camera. And now the batteries have run dead in the camera , very strange .
Also, little video shorts of lego mini-figures appear on my desktop , don't know where they came from .
I recently got a new phone , an all singing dancing acess to internet and a million other things I don't understand as well as my 7 year old!
Oh , and it has a camera , which is great when I "lose" my other one . Except it doesn't seem to be able to find bluetooth on my laptop and vice versa , sigh!
I have it sitting On my laptop and it still can't 'scan' it .
So you won't be able to see the progress on my lovely pink Louisa Harding Cardi , knitted in Debblie Bliss Amalfi , a linen, cotton and silk mix yarn .
Or the 'awesome' cookies I managed to make after the'disastrous' ones - recipe out the Dinner Lady Cook Book , and they really are good, there are only 6 left out of 18 after 2 hours!
I'm quite busy on the craft front this week .
Tomorrow , three of us from the Clyde Coast Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers are visiting a local primary school to showcase some spinning , carding fleece , and knitting . The class had learned to knit as part of their Project and are very keen to try out related activities , I'm sure we will make it fun for them .
On Saturday , I take a Sock knitting workshop at Once A Sheep , where I teach folk how to knit a sock from the cuff down , then how to knit one from the toe up . It should be fun , and i get to do my favourite type of knitting - socks.
Also , as part of a KAL (Knit Along) , I have got my pattern and yarn (just awaiting beads) to start a Shawl , pattern called Aeolian . This was a mad idea hatched up by one of my fellow knitting buddies! The pattern is complex and the casting off of the edging takes almost Three (3) hours !
Still ,keeps me out of mischief .
Phone still hasn't sent those photos' - see its those elves again .

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Irene said...

The elves in my house take socks - especially hand knitted - facecream and hairbrushes. Obviously a different age and gender to your house elves - lol