Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Cookie KAL

Sick Bay mark 2 :- DS2 spent most of the night in the bathroom , and I spent most of the night cleaning up! So far have boil washed 2 sets of bedlinen , 3 pairs of pyjama's and 6 towels ! The place now smells of tea-tree and lemon oil , which I assure you, is a vast improvement .
So we are staying at home today !
Just now DS2 is trying to hypnotise his brother who is playing along ! We are also being treated to some enthusiastic singing . There is just no warning when this kid is ill.
On a brighter and more fun note , my Cookie A Sock Innovation book arrived and I was able to cast on for the May Knit-a-long ,the first pattern which is called Glynis ! THREE TIMES I cast on , but have now found the perfect yarn/pattern/needles combo which will ensure they fit .
The book has fifteen beautiful patterns and a very informative section at the start . The first section has pieces on different pattern stitches , how to adjust sock patterns as well as sock design . Of course I ignored that bit and went straight to the patterns like a properly addicted knitter .
And this is 3 repeats of the pattern for Glynis , I am surprising myself by using the charts (the correct way this time) , and really getting into the groove on this one (eventually).
Even my sore shoulder is not slowing things down this time (note to self CALL osteopath today), and I am now finding this a relaxing knit .
Also managed to get the new Vogue Knitting , now known as Designer Knitting outside the US . It has some lovely lace patterns , starting with the fingerless gloves on the front page. (Note, if you have Vogue Knitting in the US, the circular medallion sweater is on the front ..... these things are sent to try us ) . If you take a wee peek at the right side you see a ball of Unicorn in pale blue and Glo's sock yarn in pinks/purples , the first two yarns I tried with Glynis but didn't suit.
My favourite favourite pattern is for these thigh high socks ! Gorgeous , but would I knit them never mind wear them (Hmmmmm , thinks to self , probably not!) Still I think they are beautiful . Mind you, I would probably knit the shorter lavender lace socks on the far left.
I fear I have caught the Yarn Harlot sock addiction , and although I knit much slower , I'm acquiring yarn at about the same rate .
Its just all about the socks just now - that and getting a small boy better !
Edited to add:- I know I'm repeating myself a bit (see last post) , I blame the sleep deprivation and a small boy who has boundless energy even when ill ! My story , sticking to it!


Once A Sheep said...

Poor wee lamb, hopefully he will be over it very quickly, and hopefully none of you will succumb after him! My book has been delayed! So jealous please can I have a sneaky peek at yours??

Kathleen said...

Sorry DS has still been ill, I hope he turns the corner very soon.
Oh yes, lovely sock book, one of the Glasgow Knit n Stitchers showed me it. Beautiful. x K