Saturday, 15 March 2008

Things to do at the weekend

This weekend , we went to Twechar (I keep pronouncing it Tweee ker , my husband , TwE kar ) to see the remains of Barhill Roman fort and baths.
Son number one is doing a Roman Project at School , so being the ever caring parents that we (sometimes) are , we decided to take him on a wee trip to see various Roman remains in Scotland.
We managed Twechar and Bearsden !
Apparently , the Antonine Wall stretched along from Old Kilpatrick in the west , all along to Bo'ness in the East (ish) in central Scotland . Although I did stop short of visiting a cemetary (in Old Kilpatrick) to see the best remains of it.
The site at Twechar was very good , and Junior kept running around in the drizzley rain, shouting "I've found a Fort, Mum, hurry up and see!" , much to the amusement of two Dog walkers.
At Bearsden Roman Baths , we kept getting in the way of two archeologists (? , we guessed) , but had fun, climbing up and down the old walls , and taking lots of photo's for the project album . AND, it was close to a decent Cafe , which could not be said for the site at Twechar (think League of Gentlemen , Local Shop for Local People , but a pub with two doors into the same area, one called Lounge , the other Public Bar , neither describes it accurately!)
Last weekend , I had a lovely time at the SECC helping at the Knit n Knatter stand. It was good to see Yvonne again , and the stand was busier than ever , teaching lots of children and adults to knit (including boys! take note oh sons of mine!!)
And yes , I gave in to temptation ..... two skeins of Possum Handpainted yarn , 500grams of New Lanark DK in Bramble , another Hank in denim/bramble colourway , and some Merino fleece to spin!
Cannot touch any of these , until I've finished sisters cardi (three weeks late, tut tut!)
Talking of... better get back to the sewing of said cardi - photo's tomorrow!


Kathleen said...

TwE-char, definitely. Do you remember that song by Martha and the Muffins "Echo Beach"? We used to always sing that as "Twechar Beach, far away in time, Twechar Beach, far away in time...." What do you mean you didn't go to Twechar Beach? x K

TangledFrog said...

I gave in at the SECC, as well. Loved the possum (who knew possums were so cuddly soft?), but opted for New Lanark DK tweed in a lovely deep burgandy.