Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Peace perfect Peace...

I am sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and knitting Juniors Harry Potter socks (first sock , second time, *sigh*) , while Junior and little brother are watching an old Tom Baker Dr Who video (Genesis of the Daleks) and eating their "Dalek" easter egg .
There is a general calmness about the place , quite unusual for after school , it must be the biting cold and snowy weather we are having just now .
Took a peek here , Sunshine Yarns , and they have their sock club up again - sadly, the time and pennies won't stretch to it. Besides I have to keep the pennies for IKnit London Day in September (the Yarn Harlot is coming , I'm sooo excited , note to self , must get out more!)
Had a lovely knitty morning in Cafe Flava , even my sister turned up wearing her new crop cardi (forgot to take a photo) . She had managed to knit a hat from the remnants of it too! Vals' husband popped by to show his new Aran Cardi - you've seen Roger Moore model in knitting patterns , now here's Roy , an even better model at Cafe Flava!
And beautiful knitting by Val too !
Am going to try some more spinning again tonight - tried last night , but just couldn't get the flow - then I discovered I was spinning the wrong way round - D'oh! Am using some lovely merino I got from New Lanark , hopefully I'll get on a bit better tonight. Even the drop spindle didn't love me , and I know I'm not too bad on it.
Will try and squeeze some more knitting in before dinner time - Chicken Casserole a la Nigelle's Express Cook Book!


TangledFrog said...

I think the fact that we're excited about seeing the Yarn Harlot means we're cutting edge trend setters.... ;-)

Midsummer night's knitter said...

chicken casserole sounds sooo good. Now I know I have the Nigella Express somewhere...I wonder which (of the many)boxes it is still in?

yvette said...

I ordered my ticket for iknit so hopefully I will get to meet you then.