Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Flowers

Easter Wedding Flowers actually! Mother of the Bride gave me these lovely table Flowers (similar to the Bridal party bouquets) , as I left the reception at night. They are quite beautiful and give off a wonderful scent , very Spring like , even if the weather is still practically baltic here .
Hope your Easter was a happy and pleasant one .
Spent a lovely Easter weekend with the Grandparents, it being especially nice since DH and I get "time off"! We had a lovely Easter lunch at our favourite Italian Restaurant in Glasgow's Southside , which got us reminiscing , we've actually being going to this restaurant for about 14 years! Goodness!
Then the owner came up and mentioned the same thing - "aye , I remember you coming here when you were courting!" So we talked about the children and their ages , how it reminds of the time passing when you see them growing up etc.
Talking of growing , I will need to get a move on knitting up the Harry Potter socks. Had to rip them right out as I didn't like the way they were knitting up on 2.5mm needles , so went down to 2.25mm. Such a small change, such a big difference .
And given the weather at present , I should probably knit up the HP sweater double quick too!


Kathleen said...

Easter wishes to you too.
All together now,
"I'm dreaming of a white Easter...."

tash said...

I think that's so very romantic, going to the same restaurant for 14 years. Mr. VP and I have moved about far too much to repeatedly visit one restaurant but we do share some very happy times and places, Dorset and Glastonbury being the most memorable. There is nothing like sitting with your beloved over a candlelit meal!

I was thinking that it must be the hardest and yet most rewarding part of being a mother is watching your child(ren) grow older and move away. I don't know how I'd manage it though.