Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sitting on the dock of the (e)bay!

I registered with ebay the other day - have avoided this for some time now, as my yarn stash is growing by the usual means of visiting yarn shops. And I knew I'd get carried away - I'm bidding on 3 packs of Noro Silver Thaw, I only meant to bid on one! In fact I've bid on four to date, but I lost one, so obviously I had to bid on another three JUST to make sure I get one. What if I get three ? Eek! I'm sure I'll manage to do something with it! It is very addictive, but I made a rule to only bid on one type of yarn at a time. So I've bypassed the gorgeous Louisa Harding Kimono yarn, some lovely vintage yarn originally from Libertys' in Edinburgh, Cashmere, Sock yarn, Rowan Babysoft... aahh, such sweet temptation .
Just as well I have children to look after and a house to (sort of) keep clean, as well as cooking or I would become an ebay junkie
Talking of ebay, I first heard the term before ebay came into existence. I remember asking an American collegue of mine what was meant by ebay - it meant east of (San Fransisco) bay , where some of our companys office were. Some of the terms used by my American collegues were a little confusing, like, "there's a disconnect" or "I'm giving you a heads up ! " Translated into Scots that would be " its nae workin' " and " Am telling you, right!" . Ah, the beauty of language!


Poshyarns said...

Wow, I can't believe you have resisted ebay for so long, hmm, yes, very addictive indeed, I have been there.....

The Falling Cloudberries book is lovely, it is the only one I own by Tessa Kiros but I plan to rectify that soon.

Poshyarns said...

Re: your comment, don't worry, you can catch Woman's Hour on "listen again" on the BBC website.